Citizen Healthcare Trust

Citizen Healthcare Trust is a Health Maintenance Organization We are much focused on medical insurance coverage for all, and as such, are involved in providing healthcare insurance for the public, private and informal sectors of the Nigerian populace with focus on continuity HealthCare through savings culture. The informal sector accounts for about 80%of the Nigerian labour force, but most health insurance schemes are targeted at the formally employed that have structured incomes.

Rural and Disadvantaged communities inNigeria are largely characterized by ineffective and poor delivery of health services as a result of inadequate infrastructural amenities, diagnostic facilities, well trained medical personnel and essential drugs.This has made access to quality and affordable health services difficult for the common man which makes up the larger share of our population. According to the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics, 70.1% of Nigerians live in rural communities.

Currently, we are especially interested in ensuring all Nigerians(particularly those at the grassroots and the informal sector labour force) can have annual health insurance cover in the shortest possible time, with access to healthcare when needed while ensuring the health services provided wil not beat the rsk of huge financial burden and hardship to the people, with the aim of avoiding out-of pocket payments for health services,which are largely unaffordable for low income earners who mostly already live below the poverty line,We are therefore partnering with stakeholders in the healthcare sector and committing resources to bring this goal to fruition via a Community Based Social Health Insurance Program(CB SHIP). Citizen HealthCare Trust is Primarily promoted by Cherish Nigerian Development Foundation.


To make healthcare accessible, affordable and available for Rural and Underserved Nigerians and gradually extended to the ECOWAS Sub-region
To facilitate prompt and effective delivery of health services across Primary Healthcare centres and other partner health facilities through affordable Health insurance by contributory Health Savings arrangements
To collaborative with the Federal and State government in upgrading Primary Healthcare (PHC) centres across the nation with basic facilities, amenities, staffing and essential drugs with a view to promoting effective and efficient Pro-Poor Health System through a robust outsourcing strategy
To contribute significantly to Nigeria's aim of achieving the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3 in ensuring healthy lives and promoting the wellbeing for all and all ages through the wider range of healthcare service delivery we hope to provide, by seeing that we are able to bring down maternal mortality ratio to less than 70 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births by the year 2030 and also bring down mortality rate for infants and children under the age of 5 years
Encourage savings culture from informal sector groups on Healthcare Access delivery and Management